Can I Pay One Credit Card Payment with Another Credit Card?

No matter how well you budget, it’s not uncommon to find that it’s tough to make a credit card payment. Even the best budget can’t control for all events that require some type of financial investment, and occasionally you may find that it’s difficult to pay your credit card when your budget is tight.

Credit cards, as a rule, serve two main purposes:

  • They can be carried in lieu of cash (since credit cards are safer to carry with you).
  • They can be used when cash is tight in order to pay for something you need.

When you find it may be tough to pay off a credit card bill, it would seem that your needs fall under that second category – using a credit card to pay off something of need. This, however, leads to two questions:

  • Is it possible to use one credit card to cover the payment of another?
  • Is this a good idea?

Can You Pay One Credit Card With Another

The answer to the first question is absolutely. Some credit cards have options that allow you to use the card to make a payment, while others have a cash advance option that you can use to make the payment for you. You may need to do it in two separate transactions – taking out the cash advance, and then making the deposit on the other credit card. But it is possible if you are desperate for cash.

Should You Pay Off One Credit Card Bill With Another?

This answer is simple too: Absolutely not. Cash advances have high interest rates that will plunge you further into debt. Using a cash advance to pay off a credit card will also increase your debt further. It would make it more difficult to make the next payment, and you’d be further in debt, both of which make paying off one credit card with another a dangerous game to play.

When Should You Do It?

The only reason to pay off one credit card with another is if you are 100% positive that you can make a full re-payment of the credit card within a few days. For example, if you are expecting a large paycheck that will help you pay back the vast majority of your bills, but the paycheck was delayed until after you are able to make the payment, then it is an acceptable way to pay off your debt.

Yet make sure that you are always ready and able to pay off even more of your debt as needed, and only if you expect to be able to easily make the next several monthly payments without doing it again. You want to avoid as much of the interest as you can, and cut down your debt by as much as possible. If you are not certain that this is the case, see if you can borrow money from a friend or relative instead, in order to avoid the added risk.

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